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i worked for teton for 3 mn. and it was the worst job i ever had...they made me drive illegal all the time and when i had a court summons they didnt want to get me back home and didnt care that i would have an arrest warrent put out on me so i drove back home dead head and now theyre holding my paycheck and are charging me for the miles..thats a *** thing to do to someone just b4 christmas and have two kids to buy for..they didnt care about my freedom they just wanted theyre *** money for the load and mine to..bruce the dispatcher has a brown nose and has bad carma coming his way.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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there's always gonna b "the good, bad & ugly" that's trucking unfortunately.U can b assured to NEVER find the perfect trucking co.

or ANY company for that matter. reading all of these complaints such as the guy who had wrecks (yea plural) who knows, maybe they did screw u, stop having wreckS bro, heck your just screwing yourself. as far as paychecks, I never had an issue, mine were always straight on. this is my experience with em, I started out of the gate great, played by the rules etc.

then I got *** & started doing alot of out of routes, illegal running etc. reason beside the point but yep it caught up with me & had a pow wow with Larry, man Ive bumped heads with Bruce & others but in the end, couldn't have ask for better dispatch with Tobey, Charlie, Harlan, Steve. As for Larry, maybe there were bumps but I hold nothing against him, he was always straight up with me & retained my employment there when even there was plenty of reason for awhile to say howdy oss & toss me on my ***. I was never a brown noser either so per the one comment about that, doesn't apply here.

for thanksgiving I was deadheaded 600 MILES home under a load that delivered in an opposite direction, I'm not married, no parents or grandparents so u tell me how kool that is?? one X driver (OO) ask another "why does he defend them" I'm defending them because it's about loyalty, honor & dedication. They showed value to me so I'm showing it back. from the get go these entire crew...

there treated me as family should & although yes there were times of "bad & ugly", it was mostly good.

They are now in an acquisition process by Celadon trucking & it seems a great opportunity for me to transition over to this company & I plan to although at first I wasn't comfortable with the idea of some big fancy company coming along & buying us up & offering shiny new toys with bells & whistles.I will miss Teton much, the people & the experiences I enjoyed there.

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Teton is the most non-caring, egotistical, mis-managed, mis-represented,over-managed company I have seen, in My 30 Years of the trucking industry.

The operations boss, is very unknowledgable, in transportation, log books, legal transits, transit times, and general driver etiquette of anyone I have ever worked for.Still not sure how Chris got, or is holding this position.

But He is personally responsible for 95% of the internal turn over and atleast 80% of the driver turnover. The only thing big about this guy, is his ego. Way too much family here. 25% of the management are related !

Do not go to work for this company.

Gotta be a reason everyone else is offering $1000 sign on bonus, and they are offering $2500.And still have trucks sitting !


TN Owner Operator, why do u feel like you have to defend Teton?U really think they would defend you?

This company is full of cheifs. Not enough indians. Even the service guys think their in charge. Its so funny.

I just smile and let them think they really are so important.

Teton is like every other trucking company.If blame can be placed on the driver, in any way, it will be.


Teton is a piece of ****, they dont care whether you get home or not, i have heard a lot of bad things about them, especially their truck equipment, turn over rate it very high and now they are forced to use computers in their trucks because of all the violations the company has. Go with another company because they will put false allegations on your DAC.


Worked for Teton myself.Good company, but can be a little pushy at times.

Bruce is OK most of the times but he can get a little bossy at times.

Nobody can force to run over hours if you know how to handle them within the law...Gotta work on your communication.

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