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Worked for Teton Transportation for 1 year, now from the marks they put on my DAC report I cannot get another driving job.It's not fair that when I started with them they didn't use DAC, during my employment they started using DAC.

They proceeded to place preventable accidents on my DAC which I signed a form stating that I would be charged $250 for every PA, well they charged me and also put the marks on my DAC.

Not fair, they screwed me twice, took my money and hindered the possible jobs I could get in the future.

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My husband use to work for Teton,He and my son were doing a run in South Carolina,when he trying to explain a situation to the wknd dispatcher,when his phone loss the signal,the dispatcher assumed that he hung up in his face,and cancelled his card.So they could get no fuel and nothing to eat.

The next day I called the Recruiter,and told him what happen. The situation was taken care of and it never happen again.If the people at Teton know that you will fight back legally they are less pron to harass you. We believe in using every legal tool that is out there if necessary to fix a situation.

Sometimes that is what it takes.But overall They are one of the worst company to work for,and if you are not a kiss but,you will not get much love.


i gues this means i wont be able to get another job easily, but dont give up


Worked for Teton myself.Good company, but can be a little pushy at times.

As for the guy complaining about having preventable accidents (plural!!!) put on his DAC Report...

Of course they should be on your DAC, how else will anybody know how bad of a driver you are??

Besides if you cause accidents who do you think should pay for them??Teton???


I worked for teton for 9 months and everything was fine.Then when I needed to be home for surgery they couldn't get me home so I left the truck in the TN terminal and paid for a rental car.

Not cleared to work yet and the MO terminal manager called my cell, my home, and my parents trying to reach me to take a load.

Then he went to my home and pounded on the windows and doors hollering my name.I quit but he had put me under a load and now-- guess what?!--I can't get a trucking job anywhere.


i worked for teton for over 2 years.they fired me after i told them i need a break to sleep after running for 3 days straight.

i asked my dispatcher to pull the load i had on me off, he refused, and the load was late.they marked it in the computer as a service failure and fired me.., now im having a very hard time trying to find a job.


no im sure this driver is telling the truth.I worked there for a long time and the Owners Larry & Doug treat you like you are a piece of ***.

Drivers are a dime a dozen to them. There is nothing but favoritism thru out the whole company.

You want it good working at Teton?

You better have your nose up there ***.They treat all there non-kiss *** like ***.

Wigston Magna, England, United Kingdom #21186

Oh come on!Of course they used DAC when you started.

They and every other trucking company of any size uses DAC. Either you are lying or you are plain and simple ignorant. They are required to report the accident to any trucking company that you go to work for.

Look up FMCSR 319.23.By the way, why don't you share the details of your accident...

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